Wednesday, March 27, 2019

This DNA Kit Does More Than Just Fill in Your Family Tree

Get actionable health plans based on your genetics.

DNA kits have exploded in popularity the past couple of years. And these kits typically offer you a more nuanced insight into your family's past, as well as any genetic health risks that you may unknowingly have. The Vitagene DNA Ancestry Test Kit does all that, but it also serves another function: developing actionable health plans based on your DNA.

Unlike other DNA tests, Vitagene's program is designed to help you find a smarter and more effective way to stay healthy. While it's interesting to discover that you have a big hot celebrity as a blood relative, Vitagene also analyzes your genetics, goals, medications, and current health conditions to craft a customized meal plan that would work best for you.

On top of providing you with a detailed ancestry report (complete with an interactive ethnic map and regional percentages), it utilizes your DNA to explain to you how genetics influence your diet, the intensity of your workouts, and more — and it does all this with just a simple cheek swab.

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