Wednesday, January 31, 2018

It is time to renew your 2018 membership!

November-December is the time to renew your membership to the organization. If you are not a member and wish to become one, please print out this application, complete it and send it in with correct amount to the address noted on the application. Once received, we will notify you of all the benefits of being a member.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

General Meeting and Pot Luck, Saturday, December 2, 2017

Special Presentation:
“Mexican American Baseball”
PRESENTER: Dr. Richard A. Santillán
Richard Santillán, who co-wrote a book on this subject with Victoria C. Norton, Christopher Docter, Monica Ortez, Richard Arroyo, will speak about Mexican American Baseball in the San Fernando Valley. The book explores the teams and players that dotted the valley landscape throughout the 20th century. In a time and place where Mexican Americans were closed off from many city recreation centers, neighborhoods formed their own teams. Baseball and softball reinforced community and regional ties, strengthened family bonds, instilled discipline and dedication that translated into future professional careers, provided women opportunities outside their traditional roles in the home, and fostered lifelong friendships.
Dr. Santillán will be inviting several former San Fernando baseball players to participate in his discussion. He has collaborated on ten books on Mexican American baseball, including the Inland Empire, Pomona Valley, East Los Angeles, Los Angles, Ventura, and Orange County.

Election of our 2018 Board of Directors is coming! Please attend our December 2, 2017 Holiday Meeting to vote. It’s not too late to add your name to the hat to run for any office position, or to be on a committee.

And Holiday Pot Luck
What’s for Lunch on December 2? It’s a Potluck!
In the past, we have enjoyed tamales, enchiladas, delicious casseroles, pozole and more. We need mostly entrees and a few healthy salads, too. Desserts are also welcome. We will provide the drinks and paper goods. This is your opportunity to share with GSHA-SC your favorite cooking recipes. We do not have a stove at the SCGS Library where we meet in Burbank, so please bring a crockpot to keep your foods warm.

Please email the name of the food item you want to share in the great spirit of Christmas and the
holidays to Cathy Romero at cath.romero@sbcglobal.net or 626-485-2276. Please remember to bring your checkbook. Consider buying a book as a gift for the holidays. We are also happy to collect your dues for 2018. Dues help us continue to provide great speakers and events throughout the year. More importantly, sign up to be a volunteer! We will be having a door prize/raffle at the end of our pot luck. Please bring in your items that you wish to be donated as door prizes!

Monday, November 13, 2017

I Can’t Read That! Deciphering Old Handwriting

Gena Philibert-Ortega discusses (and provides links to) several free online tutorials to help you sharpen your skills at deciphering handwriting. To read her article please hit here and to check out the free web sites, place your mouse over the bold words to access their information.

You may go to the following websites, where the information is free.

What Does That Say? provides help with colonial American handwriting, including samples, common name abbreviations, and resources. Another one is  How to Read 18th Century British-American Writing

The UK National Archives web page Palaeography: Reading Old Handwriting 1500-1800. A Practical Online Tutorial is great for learning to read English handwriting from the 16th to 19th centuries.
Don’t forget to click on the Quick Reference link to find information about money, calendars, numbers, measurements and counties.

One website that might be a surprise in relation to handwriting is Stephen P. Morse’s One-Step Webpages. Most researchers are familiar with Morse’s tools that help search Ellis Island and Castle Garden databases as well as the federal census, but he also provides language tools you can find by clicking on the Foreign Alphabets link.

If you are looking for information in old Spanish, check here ¿Qué dice? Reading Spanish Handwriting Helps Find Records and another is Spanish Handwriting

How a DNA Test Can Change Your Life

Judith Fein wrote an interested piece in her blog about "How a DNA Test Can Change Your Life:The surprising results of a DNA test can impact your life.

She points out that " to find commonality over the last few hundred years. In a world where people feel so disconnected, so isolated, it's wonderful to have your feeling of belonging expand and to have, if you wish, the opportunity to connect to unknown relatives. Maybe you'll meet one day. Or talk on the phone. Or email. Or plan a visit to each others' hometowns or countries."

And that is what I did! I hope that you too may have found some peace knowing where and what journey your ancestors may have journey to get to where you are.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

La Historia Historical Society Museum (El Monte) Annual Menudo Fundraiser

Menudo Breakfast Fundraiser
Sunday, Nov. 12, 2017
8 a.m. - Noon

American Legion Post 261
4542 Peck Rd., El Monte CA

Tickets available day of: $10
Includes a delicious bowl of menudo, coffee or soft drink, and pan dulce.
For information and tickets, call Teresa Guitierrez (626) 747-1192 or Dr. Ben Campos (626) 964-6057.

Sponsored by: La Historia Historical Society Museum, (626) 279-1954
3240 Tyler Ave., El Monte CA 91731
Hours: Tuesdays 12 - 2 pm. Sundays 1-4 pm, except holidays.

Who has lived in your home?

Would you like to know who lived in your home or an ancestor home many years ago? One online site can help. Historic Map Works has unveiled a way to link people and places throughout history.

Historic Map Works is a collection of 19th and early 20th century city, town, and county maps. The detailed maps usually show every building and every street in each city or town. Each single-dwelling home contains the name of the family who resided there, either on or beside the building on the map. Apartment complexes contained the property owner’s name.

The new site should be of interest to history buffs, genealogy searchers, and real estate agents. Can you imagine the realtor listing the details of a family that used to live in the house being offered for sale? I suspect that amount of detail might increase the sale price!

The maps are visible on the web site free of charge while higher quality printed maps are offered for sale.

Historic Map Works provides the following description of their site:

Based in Portland Maine, Historic Map Works, LLC is an Internet company formed to create a historic digital map database of North America and the world. Drawing on the largest physical collection of American property atlases of its type, it is our aim to be the single best online destination for map enthusiasts and researchers alike.
In addition to our own atlas collection, we
incorporated our scans of the antiquarian world map collection from the
Osher Map Library and Smith Center for Cartographic Education located at
the University of Southern Maine. Combining these collections allows site
visitors a vast amount of information spanning several centuries of
cartographic information.

Historic Map Works’s map collection includes:

United States Property Atlases
Antiquarian Maps
Nautical Charts
Birdseye Views
Special Collections (Celestial Maps,
Portraits, and other historical images)
Directories and other text documents

The vast majority of our database was created
by scanning an original map at a high resolution by our team of highly
skilled image technicians. After scanning, this team processes out the
major imperfections while maintaining the look of an antiquarian map.

Maps are then uploaded and cataloged for
viewing on our website. Our technicians geocode each map to a modern map
to enable the search by address function. Linking the historic images in
our database with geocode data allows visitors to search by modern day
address or latitude and longitude coordinates. Other methods to view our
maps include browsing by geographic location as well as searching our maps
via keywords, town names, makers names, or simply by year.

Prints and giftware are offered for the vast
majority of images on our site. A Giclee printing process is used to
create the images ordered from our site ensuring an archival print that
will remain vibrant for years to come.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Why is it that AncestryDNA is offering: You Can Now Opt Out of Matches

Ancestry just announced over the weekend that they will now allow you to opt out of viewing and being viewed by your DNA matches. We've got the details on what that means for you by reading their blog.

If you’d like to read the full blog on the topic, it’s located here.