Saturday, March 3, 2018

"Relative Race" is returning for a 3rd season

“Relative Race” will return for a third season. The program features four, two-person teams who race across the country to find their long-lost relatives. Unlike some other genealogy television programs, the individuals seeking their ancestry are not well-known celebrities.

This season’s episodes will include new routes, new contestants, new cities and new challenges, according to Dan J. Debenham, executive producer of the show. teams will travel for 10 days, completing two challenges every day, with only paper maps, a rental car and a flip phone to help them. To help them find their way through strange cities and complete their two daily challenges, the contestants will receive instructions by text message that will hopefully lead them to discover new relatives. They will then be asked to stay overnight with a new relative that they meet in each city, according to a news release at http://prn.to/2Frq0P2.

BYU Television is available on many cable systems across the country.

You can watch a video “trailer” of the new season at https://youtu.be/GuGyXb5741M .