Saturday, October 15, 2016

Results of San Diego Research Meeting

Twelve attendees were eager and present at the 15 October 2016 Hispanic Saturday meeting.
The meeting started with our normal round table discussion where everyone told the status of their
genealogy research. The main focus of the meeting was research and results about records from the
State of Jalisco and Sonora. Seven of attendees had ancestors from Jalisco and/or
Sonora which created a lively discussion about people’s research with Jalisco/Sonora records.

The group administrator, Ceasar Chavez, presented some of the research that he volunteered to do the genealogy of the Mayor of Chula Vista, Mary Salas for the Chula Vista Genealogy Society’s Family History Day on 22 October, ala "Who Do You Think You Are" type presentation. Her ancestry roots on he paternal side is from Jalisco and her maternal is from Sonora. Mr Castro's goal was to find the names of all thirty-two 3rd great-grandparents. He explained that he was somewhat successful with the Jalisco baptism records, since they provided both the parents and grandparents names. He was able to find the names of all sixteen 3rd great-grandparents on Mary's father’s side. However, the Sonora records were not as good and he was only able to find the names of eight (half) of her 3rd great-grandparents on her mother’s side. Thus proving that all records are not equal. 

The next meeting will occur in February 2017. Time and date will be announced in January.