Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Take advantage and learn from others on their journey to learn genealogy

You are probably well-familiar with "Who Do You Think You Are", but there is another television program focused on genealogy. And, it is on your local PBS station's schedule. That show is "Finding Your Roots with Henry Louise Gates, Jr." The URL below will take you to their website so you may watch it on your computer. This is the first of many episodes. Please check back each week.

Another location to learn is Ancesty.com blog, which has teamed up with CNN to do ancestry bios on the many correspondents listed below:

Join the journalists of CNN as they explore their … roots. 
Michaela Pereira
Anderson Cooper
Chris Cuomo
Jake Tapper
Don Lemon
Erin Burnett
Christine Romans
Fareed Zakaria
John Berman

The first is Michaela Pereira

You can also view it through CNN's own web site Roots: Our Journey Home