Monday, November 16, 2020

Unete / Join Up! Exploring Charro Culture in Colorado


from Kathy DeHerrera (FACC member) by way of History Colorado.

"Exploring Charro Culture in Colorado" and can be found at 


(The actual program starts about 10 minutes into the video.)

It features three 15 minute presentations by:

 1. Geraldo (Jerry) Diaz, 4th generation charro, showing charro gear, demonstrating skills, and discussing charro values and his work with the Great Western Stock Show in Denver

2.  Dr. Santiago Guerra of Colorado College discussing the origins of ranching traditions in Spain and Mexico, and the beginning of charros in Mexico

3.  Dr. Laura Barraclough of Yale U. detailing the birth of charro associations in the U.S., and how charros were active in their communities, especially Pueblo and Denver.

This is followed by a Q&A.