Monday, December 2, 2019

8 Best Ancestry DNA Test Kits On Amazon

(This article was written by Latin Times. The kits ar not listed in preference order. GSHA-SC does not endorse any product over another. To read more of the article hit here)

A DNA test kit is a fun yet informative way of achieving self-discovery. Some focus on how your genes can affect your well-being; others map a family tree that might help you discover distant relatives online. We have listed some of the most popular at-home DNA test kits that are geared for your specific needs. Try out 8 of the best ancestry DNA test kits on Amazon:...

1. AncestryDNA Genetic Ethnicity Test
The AncestryDNA Genetic Ethnicity Test includes a saliva collection tube with a 15-digit activation code that identifies your sample for analysis that lasts six to eight weeks. The results are then posted online to be accessed through an Ancestry.com account

2. 23andMe Ancestry+Traits Service
23andMe’s Ancestry+Traits Service, which includes a special saliva collection tube kit that is sent back to 23andMe’s labs for analysis, features an Automatic Family Tree that gives you a complete view of your lineage as well as a DNA Relative Finder for connecting to those in your family tree.

3. 23andMe Health+Ancestry Service
23andMe’s Health+Ancestry Service, which comes with a saliva-collecting tube to be returned for analysis at 23andMe’s labs, has four unique tests that include your health dispositions, how your genes can affect overall wellness, carrier status of inherited conditions, and how DNA influences your traits – like whether you prefer salty or sweet food.

4. MyHeritage DNA Test Kit
The MyHeritage DNA Test Kit comes with two cheek swabs that are then sent back to the MyHeritage labs for analysis. The results, available online at the MyHeritage website, will reveal your ancestors’ origins from among 42 ethnic groups along with an updated list of people around the world who share your DNA.

5. AncestryDNA Genetic Ethnicity+Traits Test
Aside from your family tree and a list of people holding your DNA, the AncestryDNA Genetic Ethnicity+Traits Test lets you discover 26 of your most interesting traits that allow you to discover how your genes influence your appearance, senses and personality.

6. Vitagene DNA Test Kit
The Vitagene DNA Test Kit delivers complete results at an affordable price! The results, requiring a saliva sample for analysis, are unique because it lets you know exactly which food, exercises and vitamins are good for you alongside a detailed breakdown of your ancestry.

7. TellmeGen DNA Test Kit
The TellmeGen DNA Test Kit delivers cost-free (yes, cost-free) results that not only let you know your ancestry, but also if you are a carrier of certain inherited conditions (with 75+ analyzed inherited disorders), your predisposition to health conditions (with 100+ analyzed health conditions) and also your personal traits.

8. FamilyTreeDNA Family Finder Test
FamilyTreeDNA’s Family Finder Test Kit comes with a cheek swab that is then sent to FamilyTreeDNA’s labs for analysis. The results not only show a breakdown of your geographical origins, but also the amount of autosomal DNA carried from either the Neolithic hunter-gatherers, the early farmers, or Bronze Age metal invaders.