Tuesday, February 12, 2019

San Diego Hispanic Saturday 9 February 2019 meeting followup

The San Diego Hispanic Saturday group met on 9 February 2019 at 1pm at the San Diego Central Library in the Commissioner’s Room on the 9th floor.  There was thirteen in attendance.

The agenda for the meeting was for each person in attendance to provide an update on their genealogy research, The group started with our traditional round table introductions. Each person provided an update to their genealogy research taking 5 to 10 minutes, giving their research status.  A lively discussion ensued as members recognized commonality in their research which included location, surnames, and records.  Carlos Yurralde discussed an additional website for Hispanic archives; such as www.panes.info  (Portal de Archivos de Nueva España). This session provided new information for everyone.

 Kareen B Stipp talked about the research of her great-grandfather, Pedro P. Alvarez, she found using Newspaper.com. She made a chronological listing of articles from 1903 to 1910 related to her great-grandfather and his troubles with the law. She made some interesting discoveries which her mother questioned the validity until they corroborated by articles in the Los Angeles Times & Herald. Everyone enjoyed hearing the results of her research.

To conclude the meeting, host, Ceasar Castro, presented a follow up on the Mexican/American War specifically on the Mexicans citizens that return to Mexico after the war. Using Samuel E. Sisneros’ Master Thesis from UTEP, “Los Emigrantes NuevoMexicanos: The 1849 Repatriation to Guadalupe and San Ignacio, Chihuahua, Mexico”, there was a lot of detailed information including the names of the emigrants. Mr Castro also talked about the Mexican citizens from Baja California that requested and received U.S. protection and transportation to Alta California for all that supported the U.S. in the war.