Saturday, January 19, 2019

Hackers send thousands of DNA test kits to random strangers

Please read the article in full, there was no DNA data shared when the hacker ordered several kits all to received a ten dollar debit card from each sale.

The article appeared in USA Today and was written by Elizabeth Weise. Please read the article online by hitting here

Did you get a DNA test kit in the mail you didn’t order? You’re not alone. Hackers using stolen credit cards ordered about 2,400 My Heritage DNA testing kits during the company's holiday “Refer a Friend” program, looking to steal a $10 Amazon gift card offered for each referral.

The scam began on Christmas Eve during the busy holiday season, when many people were buying genealogical DNA test kits as presents for family and friends.

MyHeritage is an Israeli online genealogy platform where members across the world can do family research and build family trees. It also offers genealogical DNA tests, which are increasingly popular as a means of determining ancestry.

The company's referral program was run by a third-party platform. Customers who referred a friend to purchase a DNA testing kit earned a $10 discount for the friend and a $10 gift card on Amazon for themselves.