Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Hispanic Research Resources: What is available! by Mona Hernandez, GSHA-SC member at Alhambra Public Library; Oct 20, 2018

Please join our member, Mona Hernandez, where she'll give her presentation at Alhambra Public Library located 101 S 1st St, Alhambra, CA 91801 at 2pm to 3pm in Reese Hall.

The title of her presentation is: Hispanic Research Resources, where she will be giving an introduction on how she got stated in genealogy research.

Mona will be discussing why we do genealogy and why it is important and she will be covering the types of resources that are available to Hispanic researchers, such as the internet and other sources, including:

• Print Book (can include family genealogies)

• Microfilm

• Print Journal (genealogy)

• Internet (web pages)

– Family Search (Free)

– Ancestry (Subscription)

– Facebook

– Blogs

• Vital Statistics (Birth/death certificates)

• DNA Testing

Other topics, such as types of records to research:

• Birth Records

• Baptismal Records – parish records

• Marriage Records – parish and civil records

• Prenuptial Investigations (diligencias matrimoniales)*

• Death Records – parish records

• Census Records (Internet)

• Military Records (SAR and DAR)

• Wills, Inventory of Estate

• Land Grants, Land Transfers, Deeds

• Tax Records

• Social Security Records

• Passenger Lists

What to keep in mind when doing genealogy research, why it’s important to cite your sources, and how to keep a record of source citations.

She will also provide two handouts.