Sunday, September 17, 2017

Why Your Genetic Family Tree Is Not the Same as Your Family Tree!

I am borrowing information from a blog that I have always found interesting and informing, that it should be shared here with those individuals who dappled in DNA. The article is from Diahan Southard. Most of you may not have been introduced to her blog, website or seen her on the many webinars on the web or in person, but she has a gift for making the technical subject "DNA" become understandable and helps the novice take a better grasp on the subject.

Diahan has had fifteen years of experience in the genetic genealogy industry. She was a microbiology graduate, and had worked before and after graduation for the Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation. She has grown with the budding genetic genealogy industry which lead her to her start her current position as Your DNA Guide, where she provides personalized, interactive experiences to assist individuals and families in interpreting their genetic results in the context of their genealogical information. This is not a commercial for her, but her lectures are always fun, upbeat, and full of energy and knowledge. She possesses a passion for genetic genealogy, and is wanting others to have that same similar enthusiasm.

Please see the full article from Diane Southard under Lisa Louise Cooke's "Genealogy Gem" blog.