Sunday, August 6, 2017

Hispanic Research Day San Diego Follow Up!

The San Diego Hispanic Saturday group met on 5 August 2017 at the San Diego Central Library. The group had 14 in attendance. Ceasar Castro informed the group about the Hispanic Society of America annual conference and the change in location to the Ontario Airport Hotel.

For this session Ceasar invited members to present some of their genealogy research. Each person was given 10 minutes to present any aspect of their genealogy. We had 7 presenters: Kareen Stipp, David Delgadillo, Ana Bañuelos Castro, Lisa Medina, Ralph Muñoz, Diane Godinez and Ceasar Castro.

Kareen Stipp spoke first and used photos to talk about their Alvarez family line discovered through a DNA match. David Delgadillo shared the sad story of his cousin Maria Cruz Dominguez who he met once. Maria Cruz was adopted. Ana Bañuelos Castro talked about her mother’s side of the family, the Cisneros and the Guerras. Lisa Medina talked about a murder mystery in their family. Ralph Muñoz talked about both his father’s and mother’s family lines. He also shared an old photo of his wife’s grandfather’s family. Diane Godinez spoke about her family line from Canada. Ceasar Castro talked about his great-great aunt, Angela Castro who married an Irish man named Nichols McDonough in Baja California Sur in 1853.