Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Update from Hispanic Heritage Project

We are posting some updates from this organization, since we support the ideology of preserving records from Mexico. We have supporting them over the years and will hope to continue.

Please read Carlos Yultarde letter to those who support their cause.

We are experimenting with mailchimp as a means to keeping you updated on our progress on imaging the colonial records of New Spain. I recently spent ten days last month visiting the sites of our current projects that being Durango, Guadalajara, and La Paz. 
  • In Durango we finished up the municipal archive and I was able to pick up our equipment and take it to La Paz.  When I visited the state archive, Dr. Miguel Villabueno, greeted me with open arms by saying, "We were wondering when you were coming."  He is the new director and welcomed me to help them publish the archive online. 
  • My second visit was to Lic. Gutierrez, the director of the Archivo Instrumentos Documentos Públicos that houses part of the collection Audiencia of Guadalajara. He would like that collection imaged and we are working on getting permission to do just that.
  • My next stop was La Paz where I deposited the equipment to begin imaging the colonial collection in the Pablo L. Martinez archive.The director Isabel Acosta was waiting for me with the contract which we signed to image the colonial collection online .I was impressed with the professional level of how that archive was functioning.They should be commended. They bent over backwards to help us by even allowing our man in Mexico, Ernesto Ochoa to image from 9:00 in the morning until 8:00 in the evening. We are happy to announce that the colonial collection has now been imaged.
On another important note, we are making progress working with a firm in Mexico to manage our PANES.INFO website.  We should shortly have the Parral archive and the La Paz archive on that website followed by the Durango municipal archive and the Zamora, Michoacan archive.
I want to express our most sincere appreciation to all of you who have donated to make this possible.

Carlos Yultarde