Sunday, February 26, 2017

Wrap up on the Feb 25, 2017 Hispanic Research

There were 14 participants who attended the 25th February 2017 meeting. The two topics that host Ceasar Castro discussed were: finding Mexican documents on the Familysearch.org web site and the translating of the Mexican documents.

Mr Castro gave demonstrations on how to get to the actual Mexican birth, marriage and death records on the Familysearch web site. Since many of the Mexican records are not indexed, as of yet, a follow up demostration was given on the procedures in going through the actual documents in hopes of finding the record of an ancestor.

A followup demostration was given on he process of transcription in three steps: 1)Transcribe the document verbatim, 2) transcribe to modern Spanish and 3) then translate to English. Ceasar demonstrated the process and providing several books about Spanish paleography (the study and deciphering of ancient handwriting) which will help the readers in translating old Spanish